Sandra Walsh


Sandra Walsh started her career in Dermatology specifically with psoriasis patients in 1990 at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in Toronto, after completing her Bachelor’s of Nursing degree in 1989 at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Sandra also achieved the designation of Dermatology Nurse certified through the Dermatology Nurse Certification Board.  She is currently working at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and is currently enrolled at York University completing a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

Sandra Walsh has enjoyed being an executive member of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association Central Canadian Chapter committee since 1997. This association provides ongoing learning for dermatology and family practice nurses.  Sandra attends many continuing education conferences and is focused on providing quality care to dermatology patients.

“I never really knew how dedicated I was to nursing until I started working with patients who have psoriasis.  Educating patients, other nurses and myself is my passion”.


Why I joined Psoriasis Busters:

“The main reason that I decided to join the Psoriasis Busters project is that it is ultimately about getting information out there for patients. Educating patients is the most important part of my job as a nurse. Nurses spend a lot of time with patients, interacting physically and emotionally with them, and for that reason, patients tend to show more of a vulnerable side and ask a lot of questions.”

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