Marie Achille


Marie Achille’s field is health psychology and her primary area of focus is how people adapt to and live with chronic conditions, medical treatments, and medical technology. She is especially interested in how health issues impact identity development in youth and adults. Over the years, she has developed expertise, as both a clinician and researcher, in organ transplantation, cancer, and pain.

She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, before completing postdoctoral studies in California in 2001, at Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

She is a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec (OPQ), and former advisor for the Comité de la formation des psychologues du Québec, a provincial committee examining questions related to the quality of doctoral-level training in psychology across the province. She is currently an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Université de Montréal and is the director of the department’s doctoral program in clinical psychology.


Why I joined the Psoriasis Busters initiative:

“When people have a concern about their health, often their first reaction is to turn to the Internet for information. As a psychologist, I have been struck by how, more often than not, reading on the internet exacerbates people’s fears or even confirms their worst nightmare, resulting in a state that can range anywhere from mild anxiety to sheer panic. As such, I find it important to participate to the creation of a website that provides access to reliable information validated by experts.”

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