Andrew Gosse

Founder of the Canadian Psoriasis Network

Andrew Gosse is the founder of the Canadian Psoriasis Network, a not-for-profit organization focusing on research, education and support for Canadians living with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Since early 2017, he acts as Director of Fundraising and Stakeholder Engagement for the organization. His expertise comes from a unique place of understanding and sympathy. “I’ve had severe psoriasis since I was 17. It started as a very small silvery white area on my elbow, but during the course of one year, it exploded everywhere. I was ravaged by it.”

Desperately looking for a better quality of life, Andrew has gone through nine clinical trials. “I have struggled with psoriasis until I was 35 before I could get an effective treatment. For all this time, I was not living: I was existing.” But now, having been almost 100% clear for the last 7 years, he wants to help other people achieving the same.



Why I joined Psoriasis Busters:

“I am happy to be providing the patient perspective to the Psoriasis Busters community. I see myself in the role of a mentor, in how to deal with everything, from treatment to management. How do you deal with psoriasis socially? Medically? Psychologically? How do you get better appointments? I want to bring a definite patient-centric experience to the project.”

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